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Available Services

Each of the following services are used as a tool to accomplish your goals and help you with your injury, 

pain, mobility, stress, and overall health. After your initial assessment has been completed, 

Courtney will discuss which techniques she believes will best fit your needs. 

You may also choose a particular treatment style for your session - just let Courtney know!

See below for Service Descriptions and Service Pricing.

Injury Assessment

Injury assessment is what Athletic Therapists are known for! No matter how you got injured, or how active you are, Athletic Therapists use their vast knowledge and skills to assess the causes and mechanics of your pain, injury, mobility and posture.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle to moderate pressure to the myofascial connective tissues to release restrictions, tightness and adhesions to reduce your pain and improve your mobility and mechanics.

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a soft touch, hands-on approach that releases restrictions in the soft tissues that surround the brain and spinal cord. CST practitioners relieve pain and dysfunction while improving whole-body health.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is an alternative therapy that originated in China. It involves placing cups on the skin to create suction. This suction facilitates healing by improving blood flow. As blood supply increases, the restrictions are released, tissues receive nutrients and tissue mobility is improved.

Gua Sha

Gua sha is an alternative therapy in which 

a practitioner uses a smooth-edged

tool to gently scrape the skin.

The therapist will use a variety of short or long scraping patterns to promote blood flow, release the connective tissue restrictions, and improve tissue mobility.

Joint Mobilization 

and Alignment

Our joints must align and have a certain degree of mobility and stability for us to maintain our health. If joint restrictions or misalignments are found during your assessment, they may be one of the significant factors contributing to pain.  

Exercise Rehabilitation

After your initial assessment and treatment have been completed, Courtney will create an individualized set of exercises to help progress your injury, protect your body, and help reduce the risk of any further pain.

Mobility Programming

A major part of our health is our ability to move around freely. No one likes to feel stuck! With consistency, mobility exercises can help you move better long term and reduce your risk of injury.

Personal Training

Interested in getting help with your physical goals and exercise regime? Getting a program designed specifically for your goals can get you to where you want to go, whether at home or in the gym.

What our clients are saying:

I have been seeing Courtney as needed for about 4 years! Athletic Therapy (don’t let the name fool you) has changed my life. After my first session with Courtney, my fascia was released which allowed me to have significantly more mobility with my arms, shoulders, and knees! I was hooked from that moment on. My range of motion compared to where I started is amazing and Courtney's treatments, coupled with regular exercise, have been life-changing!

One of the super important areas Courtney has worked on was my wrists. Working in an office environment every day using a computer wreaked havoc and lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which my own family doctor advised I’d have to have surgery to fix! Not true at all in my case. With some great fascial release on a regular basis, no problem, no surgery needed! I can’t stress the importance of Athletic Therapy enough, no matter your age, no matter your physical limitations - Athletic Therapy will help you where nobody else has been able to assist you before!

- Tina G.

Service Pricing

Payment may be made via cash or e-transfer to [email protected] at the time of appointment.

An official office receipt will be provided to you, which may be used for claiming the service

with your insurance provider, if Athletic Therapy is covered in your insurance package.

Prior to the initial assessment appointment, Courtney will schedule a 15-minute virtual video meeting for a 

"Meet and Greet" so you can be acquainted before meeting in person.

Initial Assessment

(required as first appointment)

90 min assessment   $145

* preferred so that there is sufficient time for a full intake, assessment and treatment process

75 min assessment   $130

60 min assessment    $115

Treatment Session 

90 min treatment   $135

75 min treatment   $115

60 min treatment   $95

45 min treatment   $80

30 min treatment   $65

Virtual Appointment

60 min virtual   $60

45 min virtual  $45

30 min virtual   $30

15 min virtual   $15

What our clients are saying:

I was having trouble with both of my shoulders for months. Pain and extremely reduced upward mobility. Anti-inflammatories and rest were not working. Courtney was nothing short of amazing! She did an assessment, worked her painless Athletic Therapy magic, and provided specific stretches and exercises to ensure a long-lasting recovery. I was pain-free immediately after her treatment, and continue to be months later without the need for anti-inflammatories.

- Brad G.